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       "Proud to represent red-coated skirmishers

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51st (2nd Yorkshire, West Riding) Light Infantry




Napoleonic Re-enactment Group

51st Light Infantry  KOYLI  51st Kings Own Light Infantry  Re-enactment  51st Light Infantry Re-enactment Group



Who are we ?


We are a small group of re-enactors who representing the 51st (2nd Yorkshire, West Riding) Light Infantry from 1809 - 1815.


This is a short period in the history of a well established and honourable Regiment which can trace it roots from 1755, seeing service through the Seven Years War (1756 - 1763) and particularly, as the 51st Regiment of Foot, at the Battle of Minden (1759). The 51st was in Ireland, Gibraltar and Corsica before briefly returning home prior to embarking for the Peninsula in 1807.


The 51st served with distinction throughout the Peninsula, a time of great achievement and valiant acts during the struggles between Napoleon's Grand Armée and Wellington's army, especially during the siege of Badajoz in 1811, and was active throughout the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 - at one point preventing the escape of 100 cuirassiers.


In 1821 the Regiment became a “Royal” Regiment — the 51st King’s Own Light Infantry — and changed its facings to blue, subsequently continuing to serve with great honour, eventually evolving to become The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI), and then the Light Infantry, but that's another story..........................